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In all of our hiking and camping adventures so far, Berg Lake still tops our list. However, we’ve had other great day hikes which would want to experience across multidays.

We aren’t expert hikers and we aren’t extremely fit. There’s the outdoor element which we love and being in Singapore which is very urban, isn’t conducive for training.

Hiking in Singapore is limited and camping in Singapore is not common. So when we get to travel, we try to incorporate some outdoor adventures when we can. Due to the work schedules, we often travel during the shoulder seasons. Camping during the shoulder seasons can be a positive experience with fewer crowds but there’s the unpredictable weather which can throw a  spanner in the works, as evident from some of our hiking and camping adventures.

  • Good for a day hike: Shadow Lake via Redearth

    We would probably never run out of places to visit in Canada as there are so many places to discover and explore in Banff Canada alone, with too little time. We visited these places on our vacation to Canada back when we were based in Singapore. Hence, our trips always seemed rushed. Now that we…

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  • Day hike at Gaustatoppen in Norway

    We discovered day hikes around Norway by chance due to a failed attempt at hiking in Jotunheimen. Gaustatoppen, was one of the more memorable hikes of the trip after an easier hike – the Solstien walk. We’ve also gone to Fannaråki, but aborted half way as well due to the weather. At Fannaråki, the winds…

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  • Failed hike to the Besseggen Ridge in Jotunheimen

    Back in 2016 August Summer, we attempted to hike to the Besseggen Ridge. We made it to the first campsite but did not continue. There were so many factors which contributed to the overall mood for the trip. Our delay in Oslo The first was probably because of our delay in setting off for the…

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  • Greenstone and Caples tracks in New Zealand

    A man with a backpack with mountain scenery

    Speaking in local New Zealand lingo, we went tramping at Greenstone and Caples back in September 2015, which was in early Spring. Greenstone and Caples track was not our first choice, and in fact, we didn’t hear of it until someone at the Department of Conservation (DOC) recommended it as an alternative to Routeburn, which…

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