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After burning through our wallets on some of our equipment and gear we’ve used for hiking and camping, we thought to share our experiences to help you decide and plan.

Everyone hikes and camps a little differently based on your preference. What we’ve mentioned in our articles are based on our preference and experiences.

  • How to choose your hiking boots

    How to choose your hiking boots

    As walking is the core activity of a hike, you would want something which is comfortable and functional for your hike. Having the right hiking boots and footwear can make a difference to the hike especially if you’re planning to hike about 20km a day over 5 days or more. However, footwear can be quite…

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  • Sleeping in a tent while camping: What to bring

    Having a good sleep system is important as I’ve discovered. How do you sleep while camping? I’m a picky sleeper and that’s not ideal for a person who also loves being outdoors. I’ve found a good compromise, but that also means bringing a little more gear than some other hikers. I had an inflatable sleeping…

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  • Going on a multiday hike? The clothes you bring is important

    The thing about hiking, besides our own fitness level, is having the right gear. That can make a difference to how good you feel about the hike. For this article, I’ll be talking about hiking clothes. Packing for multiday backcountry hikes is a balance between comfort and weight. Ie. Not lugging around half your closet.…

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