Category: Travel Thoughts

All the random travel thoughts and reflections; including my mental monologues, which otherwise would remain internal.

Travel is such an integral part of discovery and for enrichment of oneself. After the borders were opened in 2022, airports and the travel infrastructure internally combusted with lower staff volume. While anticipation built for travellers, the authorities definitely did not experience the same anticipation.

Let’s just say that travelling is something which almost everyone indicates as an ‘interest’ or ‘hobby’ when asked. This blog unfortunately joins the many other travel content.

I’m aware that my travel thoughts may not lost and not found in the sea of travel.

  • Does working remotely overseas sound interesting to you?

    Does working remotely overseas sound interesting to you?

    The realities of life catch up with your dreams and you know working remotely long-term without making drastic work and life adjustments is not possible. There are tax and living implications for living and working remotely. The pandemic has inspired many changes in our lifestyles and one of which is the dream to work elsewhere…

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