Who loves adventures? Adventures come in all shapes and sizes depending on your appetite. We recently embarked on small adventures in the last year ( March 2021), after putting all our ‘stuff’ in storage. We stayed in Airbnbs for four months while in Singapore and then stayed in Phuket Thailand where we worked remotely for a quarter of the year before returning to Singapore and then jetting off on a one-way ticket 13,060 km to Canada with eight bags and two cats.

One of our discoveries from that experience was how we’ve always envisioned ourselves being nomads and travelling light but reality was from it. There are definitely a few things to consider when choosing to live and remotely but that’s for another post.

I’ve always loved adventures since I was a child and I would get into books like The Hardy Boys, The Famous Five and Nancy Drew. So planning my first solo adventure was a treat and a privilege I’d relished. The one solo trip I’ve been on while I was in a relationship was to Lake Toba. It’s different when you plan for adventures as an entity – while you don’t decide spontaneously on your own, the company makes the shared experience so much richer. We’ve definitely had our share of interesting experiences while travelling.

Our big adventure together was planning to move back to Canada and that took a lot of planning which started two years ago when I had to apply for my Permanent Residency. The documentation was crazy to take on but I got through that. Next, was planning the move and where we would live as that would determine where we would send our stuff in storage to. That’s still up in the air for us as we’ve not decided.

That is an adventure in itself as it means having the freedom to move around for a while before settling in a place. So here we are, living in the basement of our parents’/in-law’s, and having the options of living anywhere, at least at an Airbnb or a rental.

I’ll be sharing some learnings as a new immigrant to Canada and some details you’ll need to manage in your journey. Read, exchange and get insights into living in Canada. Follow us on our adventure in Canada and around! Subscribe and get notified when a new post of our adventure is published.