We discovered day hikes around Norway by chance due to a failed attempt at hiking in Jotunheimen. Gaustatoppen, was one of the more memorable hikes of the trip after an easier hike – the Solstien walk. We’ve also gone to Fannaråki, but aborted half way as well due to the weather. At Fannaråki, the winds were too strong and cold as we proceed higher on the mountain. We turned back as we didn’t have proper gear on us to continue into the cold and snow. We’d packed for summer considering we were there in August and that weather was abysmal for August.

The walk at Fannaråki.
Navigating the mud. The walk to Fannaråki was mostly marsh and we think we may have walked on private land part of the way while avoiding the marsh.
There were some cows we passed along the way at Fannaråki

What to expect at Gaustatoppen in summer

The hike at Gaustatoppen provided us with a compromise of the views we wanted to see on the Besseggen hike, per the original plan. The hike started easy enough and it was a busy trail when we were there. As we got higher, the trail got icy, snowy and slippery. I’m sure that’s not very common for summer. Having good shoes with deeper treads make a whole lot of difference. Our Keens were doing fine but I’ve noticed many other locals who were trekking past us rapidly in Salomons.

The elevation at Gaustatoppen is about 710m and about 4.3km one way. It felt longer than that closer to the top as the path got slippery and steeper. We ended up walking on the side of the trail, on the rocks, for better traction.

Heading up Gaustatoppen.

According to the DNT website, Gaustatoppen at 1883 meters, is claimed to be the most beautiful mountain in Norway and on a clear day you would be able to see 1/6 of Norway from the top…..  (hmm.) It’s a great view that’s for sure, but I’m not sure about its possibility of seeing up to 1/6 of Norway.
The icy climb.
Our descend and poor weather was starting to set in on the way down and it was hailing a little.

It was crowded at the DNT hut on the top and we found out that there is a secret railway which you can take up and down the mountain for a fee, if you do not feel like taking that walk.

It was a good trip and I’m glad we got to experience Telemark county, even though that wasn’t planned. We saw some spectacular sunsets there too, in our beautiful rented cabin.

10 Responses to “Day hike at Gaustatoppen in Norway”

  1. Wonderful photos and teaser for hikers. I visited the Gastatoppen area in 2016 but didn’t make it that far up the mountain before the evening set in. It was a beautiful hike but the marshy ground at the low levels did support lots of bugs at sunset. Did you encounter those at your cabin?

    • Thank you! We were ‘bug’ lucky that year as the weather was a little cooler during that time, so there weren’t many bugs even where the area was marshy.

      • Okay. So bugs are often a problem. I have only twice experienced them in Norway – once high in a mountain cabin in Telemark, which I thought was strange as there didn’t appear to be any water lying around, and then that time at Gaustablikk. I have heard Sweden and Finland can be nasty for bugs though, due to the water in the lakes, perhaps? Coming from Australia, I have limited knowledge of this.

        • Sorry that you’ve had the bad experience of bugs in Norway. I can imagine that must have been painful. I’m no expert on bugs, but I think it may be due to a few factors coming together – humidity, rainfall, food sources and temperature during the summer. And I discovered that mosquitoes can breed in just a coin-sized puddle… It seems that there bugs are often a big issue in summer in North America as well, per what we’ve encountered. My recollection of summers in Australia when I was there for my studies, was that there were large bush flies (is that correct?) but not as much tiny bugs or mosquitoes like summer in North America. I’ve had some flies everywhere in my hat, my pants pockets and shoes after one of the hikes in Australia. 😀 Fun times!

          • You are right about the flies here although that is usually only in country areas, not so much in the cities. Mosquitoes are prevalent coastal areas north of Sydney at dusk. What dud you study here?

          • Melbourne is a great city. Lots happening, cafes aplenty and the beach 5 km down the road! Even though it is much maligned, I do like the cooler weather down there. It is a shame to see it at the moment – in total lockdown because of the explosion of a second wave of Corona there.