Are you looking for hiking trails in Singapore? We highly recommend the Dairy Farm to MacRitchie Reservoir trail via Bukit Timah Hill, which is about 12km in total. What you don’t get in elevation gain, you get multiple stairs on this hike. Bukit Timah Hill is about 163.63 metres (537 ft.) above ground level and 182 metres (597 ft.) above sea level, making it the highest natural point in Singapore.

*The TreeTop Walk in my map here is indicated as temporarily closed because it was during the pandemic. They closed it temporarily to prevent crowding on the bridge as this is a popular visitor spot. As I’m updating this now in April 2022, activities have almost resumed back to normal so this may be opened now (April 2022).

Hiking in Singapore: Dairy Farm to MacRitichie Map

Dairy Farm to Bukit Timah

Dairy Farm is in the north of Singapore, about 20min car ride away from central Singapore. The best starting point is at Dairy Farm Carpark B. The best way to get to Dairy Farm Carpark B is by car. If you do not drive in Singapore or have no access to a car, take a taxi or Grab. Grab is a ride hailing app which is well-known and popular in Singapore.

When you get to Dairy Farm Carpark B, be sure to use the bathrooms before setting off because there aren’t any bathrooms until you get to the bottom of Bukit Timah Hill, and the next bathrooms are in MacRitichie.

Dairy Farm Trail start point
Turn right to head up this path to Bukit Timah.
Dairy Farm trail
You’ll continue on straight through the Hut. You can take the left as well. It will take you to the same place as the two paths converge. The difference is the number of stairs you’ll go through. The path on the left will take you through stairs as well, but at a gradual pace.
Dairy Farm Trail stairs
Stairway to Bukit Timah Hill.

Head down the Catchment Path from the main path at Bukit Timah Hill. [Sorry, the videos are very shaky – I’ll need to find another way of placing the GoPro.]

The hike, from Dairy Farm to MacRitchie in a video.

Bukit Timah to MacRitichie

You should turn down Catchment Path and follow the steps down. You’ll get to a map which tells you where you are. Continue on the same path for a short distance and you’ll get to an open space cross junction with dirt tracks. Turn right to continue on to MacRitchie Reservoir road. Watch out for cyclists here as this is a popular mountain biking route. You’ll need to make the first left after turning right to the clearing. This route was a recent discovery for us as we had to walk around on the main road down Rifle Range Road before we discovered this path.

We used to have a trail which would take you through the trees and a proper dirt path but they closed that off for a construction project.

After turning on the first left, you’ll get to a main road. Look out for cars around here. You will walk past a military camp on the road. Follow the road and you’ll get to the beginning of the MacRitchie Trail.

MacRitchie Trail

You’ll get off the road and onto a clay-like soil trail when you get to MacRitchie from this trailhead. Follow the path and you’ll get to a junction. We usually turn left which takes us to the Tree Top Trail. The trail here is mostly under tree cover and terrain is slightly pebbly.

Look out for monkeys on this trail as you’ll see some hanging around. Do not feed the monkeys.

Hiking in Singapore

Trails in Singapore for most fitness levels. The main thing which people need to deal with hiking in Singapore is the climate, especially if you live in a completely different climate. Bring sunscreen, hydration and maybe even a change of clothes. For rainy season hikes, don’t bother with umbrellas or windbreakers. Just ensure you waterproof your electronics.