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Lady Macdonald Teahouse: Good workout on this day hike

There are some great trails around Canmore for day hikes. Lady Macdonald Teahouse trail is one of the hikes near town. Also, it sounds like you could get cakes and tea at the Teahouse – there isn’t one there of course.

We did get a fabulous view of Canmore – one of our favourite towns in Canada. It’s less crowded and less touristy than Banff, but I guess it could get there in a few years. We were there in September of 2018.

About Lady Macdonald trail

This trail is uphill all the way with an elevation gain of about 905m in a short distance. It’s about 4.5km one-way. This is based on the distance up to the abandoned helipad. It can be a rather busy trail depending on the time and day you are there. We were there on a weekday afternoon and it seemed busy, with a few runners on the trail. This trail is difficult enough walking so runners on this trail are amazing.

Starting the hike

You’ll walk along Cougar Creek from the parking lot for about 10 minutes or so. It was dry when we were there, but according to the trail guide, the creek would be on your right on the way in. We took a few breaks on the way up to rest and to enjoy the view.

Lack of signages

Signages or lack thereof were an issue on the Lady Macdonald Teahouse trail as you get higher, since there are a few smaller paths on this trail which can mislead you. However, stay on the main path and look out for the orange tape markings.

View of Canmore town from Lady Macdonald trail
Beautiful view of Canmore and the surrounding area as you pause and look back on the way up
One of our many rest stops on the way up. Look at that view!

As you get closer to the top, the area becomes more exposed and the winds can get pretty strong, so make sure your cap is secure!

View of Canmore town
Looking up from the helipad at Lady Macdonald Teahouse.
The abandoned helipad
Views of the mountain range around Canmore
The view of Canmore as you head down
View of the mountain range at Canmore