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Day hikes in the Banff area: Lake Louise

Lake Louise is highly popular and you’ll find the area close to the Fairmont Chateau busy with visitors from around the world. If you wish to enjoy tea at the Lake Agnes Teahouse, you’ll need to start off earlier. The Teahouse at Lake Agnes closes by 5pm and operates between June and October, before the Canadian Thanksgiving.

We did not manage to have tea that day as we were in a hurry to get down before the sunsets and it was almost at closing time when we got there. The walk up was scenic although it was cloudy day when we were there.

Our distance recorded here is slightly more than the estimated 7km for the out-and-back route by guides as I believe we’d started the walk earlier on the other end of the lake from the hotel.

We had initially wanted to visit the Plain of the Six Glaciers which passes Lake Agnes but we’d set out too late. We will be back again next time.

The walk around the lake would be the busiest part of the hike as that’s where most people are. The crowd thins as you get higher up in the mountains. Due to busy nature of this hike, the trails are well-marked and well-trodden.

The Fairmount Chateau Lake Louise right at the other end of the lake.
Looking down to the lake
Lake Agnes Teahouse is at an elevation of about 2,135 m and an elevation gain of about 433m
The Teahouse with the prayer flags which reminds me of Sikkim in India and Nepal.

We started to head down right after getting a couple of photos here. We will be going through to the Plain of Six Glaciers the next time we get the chance. The thing about popular places like Lake Louise is finding the right window of opportunity when it isn’t too crowded and when the Teahouses are still open and the area isn’t covered in snow.

We start late, or later than most people, on many of our hikes. That is both good and bad. Good as it usually means people are leaving by then and we get parking and less crowds. However, we do get a shorter daylight time for hiking. We often find ourselves hurrying through our hikes to avoid having to return to the carpark. Except for once when we were on our Wedgemount Hike when we got to the peak close to sunset and ended up walking down most parts of the technical hike in the dark, except for our headlamps.