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Great day hikes around Vancouver: Lions Bay

The thing about the Lions Bay trail is that it starts off innocently on a gravel road until you get to the switchbacks and it gets a little more intense. We hiked this trail back in October 2017, after our Redearth and Shadow Lake hike. This is an out-and-back route, with a distance of about 15km, and an elevation of 1,566 m, at the Ridge and it took us about 7 to 8 hours.

[You’ll see a little sea otter on the trip with us this time as we visited Vancouver Aquarium and brought one of the sea otters home with us….He’s been travelling with us ever since then.]

During the earlier part of the hike

There are a few signs you’ll come across on the trail and you should look out for the sign for The Lions and Mount Harvey. Keep an eye out for the orange flags and markers which mark the trail.

On a forked junction, you’ll see a sign marked for Harvey Trail and another marked for Lions Trail -follow the direction to Lion Trail. The trail was relatively well-marked, in comparison to some other trails we’ve been on. You’ll still need to keep an eye out for the orange markers as it is easy to go off-trail. We went off the trail just a little, until we saw the orange markers again and realized that we had to double back, especially through the trees while we were scrambling up.

There’s a sign into the hike which shows you the elevation you’re at. Follow the trail to Lions Bay.
I believe we climbed down the ladder on the way to the Ridge…and up, on the way out.

The trail through the trees gets a lot more tedious as it starts to get steeper and you’ll need to watch your steps with the tree roots and rocks. There’s some scrambling required. You’ll be rewarded with a glimpse of the bay from between the trees as you get a little higher above treeline.

This was one of the pictures we’ve managed to save from the Snap Ion camera. This was from my viewpoint, looking up at our trail.
A great view for lunch!

We did not head up the summit from the ridge as we’re aren’t that experienced hikers and we also had to get back to the car before sunset since we didn’t have our headlamps with us on this hike.