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Beautiful long distance day hikes in Kootenay

Floe Lake is a great hike which isn’t very technical but it was a long hike of over 21km. We did this as a day hike. It’s an out-and-back route if you’re not planning to do overnight hiking to other trails in the area. I think it’s worth a night or more at Floe Lake to explore the area if you have the time.

We initially planned to do a multiday hike along the Rockwall Trail from North to South which would take you through the Floe Lake trail. That trip was planned in the year (2017) when the wildfires were bad in the area, hence we had to change our plans. The area suffered from wildfires a year before we were there in September 2018. So you’ll notice that there are burnt trees in most of our pictures on this hike.

An out-and-back route covering about 21.6km total. Give yourself more time if you would like to take more time at Floe Lake. We stopped for a quick late-lunch before rushing back out.

There’s an elevation gain of about 710m on the way in and hardly any tree coverage in the area. We were there on a rather cloudy day but if you’re hiking in warmer and sunnier weather, you would want to bring some sun cover in the form of a hat or sunscreen.

Walking towards the mountains.
The view as you approach the campsite at Floe Lake.

Floe Lake ranks as one of our top hikes, next to Wedgemount and Berg Lake. It’s not a difficult trail from the trailhead as the trail is not technical and the gradient is gradual.