Vancouver is a city for outdoor enthusiasts given the many places for day hikes and multiday hikes right at its doorsteps, with great views and challenging terrain. The Wedgemount Lake hike remains as one of the more challenging hikes we’ve been on near to Vancouver.

Start of the trail

We started around 2:30pm or 3pm and it took us about 6.5 hours to complete it. It was about 9pm by the time we got to the carpark. The beginning of the trail takes you through tree cover for the most parts.

The boulder field

After emerging from the tree cover, you’ll get to a boulder field. This is where it starts to get a little more difficult to find the trail due to the snow. I didn’t think we were even on the trail at one point as it was so steep and it just seemed like the rocks weren’t meant for climbing. We were literally scrambling at that point. Then we got to an icy path which seemed more like a trail and a rope which lets you pull yourself up along the steeper areas. It was covered in snow and ice when we were there. Do be careful on the boulder field as there are plenty of loose rocks and should you dislodge a rock, do shout ‘rock’ to people below.

Icy trail (in snowy conditions)

The next part of the hike was steep and the snow made it more challenging as we slipped in a few places. I believe this would not have been that challenging if it wasn’t for all that snow. We didn’t get any photos on the way up given how preoccupied we were looking for the trail and then navigating the boulder field, and trying not to slip. We managed to get a few on the way down.

Wedgemount Lake view

Wedgemount Lake was shrouded in mist when we were there which made it look more like a hot spring…

Misty Wedgemount Lake

There were a couple of huts at the lake and we discovered that one is a bathroom, the other a cabin which sleeps up to eight people.

Hut at Wedgemount
The cabin which sleeps up to eight. We did slip in for a while and I think the space may be a little too small for eight, especially if everyone’s from a different group. We are quite introverted and the thought of sharing the small space with a few other people isn’t very relaxing for us.
Wedgemount Lake campsite
The camp pads would be a great alternative to the cabin if you prefer to have some privacy with a compromise of being out in the elements. I imagine these camp pads would be snapped up pretty quickly during peak season.
Wedgemount Lake campsite
Wedgemount view
As we descended the boulder field from Wedgement Lake.
A slippery descent
The descend felt a little tougher than the climb up as it was steep and the snow was slippery.
Wedgemount descent
Coming down gave me jelly legs.

The return meant descending all the way and it can get tiring for the knees. It started to get dark when we were descending and it was good that we brought our headlamps. There was a lot of undergrowth which would not be very visible in the dark.

Overall, Wedgemount Lake trail was a challenging but satisfying hike.

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